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SoJam A Cappella Festival

October 27-28, 2017
Memorial Auditorium

October 27

In it’s 15th year, the SoJam competition is sure to be the best (and spookiest) yet! Through three rounds of aca-showmanship, high school and college groups will take the stage to show their vocal talent, creativity, and show-stopping musical power. Vocal-only groups are eligible to apply for the Scholastic Competition if they are made up entirely of full-time students OR are a recognized student group affiliated with a high school, college, or university. Deadline to submit is September 29th, and competitors will be announced on October 6th.

On top of stellar competition, the evening will be hosted by a cappella trio, FREEDOM’S BOOMBOX. With just 3 voices, Freedom’s Boombox is built with minimal size and maximum sound; meet the new American vocal pop trio. In In a little under a year, Freedom’s Boombox has risen from Internet sensation to International touring trio. With a little beatboxing, a missing vocal cord, couple’a radio hits, some classical vocal training, and 3 mics, you’ll spend the first few songs trying to figure out who is doing what to bring pop music to life.

October 28

Coming together for one night: the most awarded vocal group in history, Take 6, and L.A. vocal electronic group, ARORA.

Take 6, heralded by Quincy Jones as the “baddest vocal cats on the planet!” are the quintessential a cappella group and model for vocal genius. With the popularity of televised vocal competitions like the explosive a cappella show The Sing Off and the mania over singing driven comedy-dramas like Glee, Take 6 is the original torchbearer for the first instrument. Take 6 has performed with an won praise from such luminaries as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Brian Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, among many more.

ARORA (previously SONOS) is a vocals+electronics group who has created a genre of their own, with unique avant garde harmonies paired with deep soul. In July 2013, ARORA released their resonant and addictive new all-original album, BIOLUMINESCENCE. Two years in the making, “Bioluminescence” perfectly demonstrates the cinematic dream pop sound that is ARORA, marrying dreamy vocals with striking production. ARORA takes the album to the stage using nothing except their five voices and their rig of live looping and effects pedals.


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October 27 - 7:30 PM
October 28 - 7:30 PM


Show playing at Memorial Auditorium - October 27-28, 2017