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    Simple / Complex Ann Roth Weavings

    October 3 to December 9, 2017
    Betty Ray McCain Art Gallery

    Ann Roth: Fiber Works organized by the artist in cooperation with Lee Hansley.

    Please join us for an opening reception for this exhibition on Thursday, October 5th from 5:30-7:30pm with a gallery talk at 6:15pm.



    I love color and pattern, and the processes of dyeing and weaving enable me to immerse myself in both. I can hold color in my hand as I use the shibori technique to dye patterns on white fabric that is then stripped into half inch widths. I feel the tactile qualities of the strips as they are thread-ed onto a four harness loom. The weft is also hand dyed half inch strips of fabric and a rhythm develops as I pass it over and under the warp. In this way, I organize and challenge the way I visually interpret the world around me’s beauty, mystery, quirks and life’s capacity to change direction unexpectedly. Subtleties, complexities, the illusion of layers and depth, new colors and compositions emerge from the basic plain weave structure. Some interactions are obvious and others become visible upon lingering contemplation. I draw inspiration from historic and contemporary textiles from many cultures and time periods, as well as from rhythms and hues in the natural and built landscape.

    Ann Roth is represented by the Raleigh Mahler Fine Art Gallery. For more information on Ann and her work, please visit

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