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BLUE RIDGE SKY (New Work Reading) - Theatre Raleigh (Private event)

October 17-18, 2017
Kennedy Theatre

BLUE RIDGE SKY is a contemporary musical that challenges one family to explain the unexplainable in the face of a father's incredible faith. David Hume, a celebrated professor at Duke University, gathers his two sons, his daughter and their families at their vacation home in The Great Blue Ridge Mountains on the anniversary of their mother’s death. He announces that he has done careful scientific research leading him to the conclusion that the world will end the next morning at sunrise, and they must all hike up to Angel’s Peak, a flat rock that juts out from a mountaintop, to await Judgment Day. An old Indian legend claims that if you lose something off the mountaintop of Angel’s Peak, the Gods will send the winds to return it to you. David Hume claims that it will be here, tomorrow, on Earth’s last day, that his wife, Abigail, will return to them. Which of his children support him? What do people do when they believe it could be their last twenty-four hours on Earth? Which do we value more: being a family or being right?


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Show playing at Kennedy Theatre - October 17-18, 2017