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After the "I Do's" Game Show

July 20, 2018
Fletcher Opera Theater

You know you love a good Game Show. You know you love a good Comedy Show. And for those who secretly enjoy a Reality Show, this event is for you! After the “I Do’s”, the Pastor’s Edition, brings all these elements together for a LIVE taping!

Four Pastors and their spouses will answer questions about each other in hopes of making a match to score the most points and win a fabulous prize. A celebrity clean comedian host will keep the chuckles coming while asking those questions that give us a peek into their married lives. As a result, we see that marriage is alive and well and can be funny as heck! There will also be prizes and surprised for the audience as well!



July 20 - 7:30 PM


Show playing at Fletcher Opera Theater - July 20, 2018