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A Christmas Carol Starring Ira David Wood III

December 7-15, 2010
Memorial Auditorium

Theatre In The Park

Theatre In The Park's original musical comedy adaptation of A Christmas Carol, based on the book by Charles Dickens and adapted for the stage by Ira David Wood III, first premiered in 1974. It has been performed each year since, and has become the theatre's major fundraiser. Approximately 30,000 people attend the local production run in Raleigh, North Carolina each December.

Cited as "one of the most successful shows in North Carolina theatre history," A Christmas Carol has enjoyed critically acclaimed tours to England and France. (One British reviewer wrote: "Given a West End theatre, this show could run for years!")  For twenty consecutive years, it was a major fund-raiser for The Babcock Center in Columbia, South Carolina. TIP's A Christmas Carol received Metro Magazine’s  Bravo Standing Ovation Award for Best Cultural Event of 2008.

Also voted one of the top twenty events in the Southeast, this particular musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol has an extremely impressive list of former cast members, among them: Bobby Bowman, Rita Glynn, Michael C. Hall, Lauren Kennedy, Aubrey Dollar, Wally Jones, Terrence Mann, Frankie Muniz, Patrick Stogner, Evan Rachel Wood & Ira David Wood IV.

The annual company and crew is made up of approximately 90 people—most of them volunteers. There is a five week rehearsal period. The show is mounted in period style, with lavish costumes, set, music, and lighting—and is traditionally presented in Raleigh's Memorial Auditorium, with a seating capacity of 2,400.  It was the first major show in Durham’s new Performing Arts Center (seating capacity 2800).

For the past 35 years, the production's director and star has been Ira David Wood III - "one of the finest actors this state has ever produced."  His portrayal of Scrooge has now been seen and enjoyed by millions.

Price Range: $24.00 - $79.00
Show playing at Memorial Auditorium - December 7-15, 2010