How to Order Tickets

Ordering group tickets is easy. To get started follow the easy steps below:

  1. Contact the Group Sales Office
    Speak with the group sales office to get detailed information about the event you are interested in attending. Be sure to ask if any promotional materials are available for your event. We can also help you plan a reception or dinner at our facility to enhance your group outing. You can contact us at 919-996-8707 or
  2. Meet with your group
    After speaking with your group sales representative, meet with your group to determine how many people will attend and how they will pay you for their tickets.
  3. Reserve your seats
    After your group has agreed upon the performance date, time, and desired seat locations, you are ready to reserve your seats. Contact your group sales representative and place your seats on hold. An invoice will be sent to the group leader confirming your performance and seat information. Your group will have 3 weeks to pay for your tickets, no deposit is required but payment must be received in full by the due date. If your group reserves your seats less than 3 weeks prior to the event, your due date will be less than 3 weeks.
  4. Collect remaining money and submit payment
    Collect any unpaid money from your group members and submit payment to the group sales office. Remember you can change the number of people in your group up until the payment is due.